Based in the U.S. and Europe, EIS is a global team passionate about new business development and growth marketing.

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Startup Initiatives

EIS' Innovation Triangle

The ultimate goal of EIS' activities is the innovation.It covers not only advanced technologies but also products & services, business models, organizations and marketing, and lifestyle revolutions.And we are developing the three abilities which we believe are the most important to realize the innovation:

  • "Empathy" to understand the thoughts & feelings of the others
  • "Science" to consider and judge logically & deeply based on facts
  • "Execution" to make actions at the right timing without hesitations

EIS Team

Yooka Ellis
Kiriyo Arahori
Takeshi Nobuhara
Kentaro Kata
Risa Isobe
John Punzalan
Thibaut Mallet de Chauny
Alfred Naayem
Ryoma Uto
Jimi Akindele
Naoki Matsuda
Gina Monteleone
Tomoko Kawasaki
Johanna Zanon
Christophe Reissfelder

EIS Locations

EIS Clients

EIS History


EXA Partners started in Paris andTokyo


Started office in Los Angeles


Started innovative inflatable packaging company, “EXA-Air”


Changed name to Exa Innovation Studio (EIS) and moved headquarters to Los Angeles


Started “FACIL‘iti Japon”with a French company


Started incubation company, “E-studio”


Started Japan wellness brand, “Shikohin”


Exited “EXA-AIR” (Acquired by a French packaging company)

As of January 2021

25+ members engaged in innovation related projects in the USA, Europe, Japan and Africa