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EIS Inteligence Strategy (ESI)

Is Your Business Catching
Where the World is Heading?

Every day, all around the world, many new technologies, services, and innovative business models are being developed. Intrepid startup companies are continually exploring these opportunities. To stay competitive globally, it is essential to catch where the world is heading and create innovative opportunities for your business

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Today’s societal, enterprise, and consumer environments are evolving more rapidly than ever throughout the world. With offices in the US, Europe, and Japan, Exa Innovation Studio (EIS) teams up with leading, worldwide companies and government agencies to convert these global shifts into innovation. In order for organizations to innovate and grow, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest disruptions and nimbly integrate these trends into their business development strategies.
As a partner, EIS serves as the eyes, ears, and execution arm for partner companies across the globe.

EIS Methodology — Innovation Implementation Process

As industries and services continue to transform, our global research team monitors innovations and analyzes them on a daily basis. We interact with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and personally experience lifestyle trends. Together, these methods enable us to formulate hypotheses to quickly respond to the latest innovations, create, and execute new business opportunities.

1. Hypothesize

2. Monitor

3. Analyze

4. Assess

5. Execute

Industry Reorganization
Paradigm Shift Drivers
Innovation Database
Consumer Trends
Business Opportunities
Business Plan
Innovation Heat Map
Development Options
Value Drivers
Organization Structure
Build Partnerships
Manage Operation Tasks

EIS Methodology — Innovation Loop

We identify new value propositions from paradigm shift drivers, innovations, and early adopter insights in each global market.

EIS Strengths — 1

Our truly global team utilizes our robust network and self-developed database/ analysis platform to implement innovation.

EIS Strengths — 2

We have trusted experience working with a wide variety of industries and continue to support diverse companies and organizations.

Mobility innovations Evolution Projection & Project Set Up

Beauty Concepts and Technology Evolution Projection

Global eSport Business Opportunity Research

Personal Luxury Experiences Development

Fintech Service Research & Evaluation

Internet of Sports Solutions and Services Development

Smart Key Platform & Solution Scouting

Medical Diagnosis Technology Scouting

Fulfilment & Logistics Solutions Scouting

Human-Machine Interface Technology Scouting

Global Trade Management Platform Development

Robotics Technology Investment Opportunity Identification

Music Values and Consumer Demand Projection

Sharing Economy Concepts & Services Research

New substance Consumer Product Development