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Startup Business Launch and Exit in France (EXA-AIR)

December 15, 2020

EXA-AIR’s Products

In 2014, in France, EIS launched EXA-AIR SAS (CEO: Thibaut Mallet de Chauny, EIS Founding Partner), manufacturing patented ultra-resistant protective packaging developed in Japan. In 2020, EIS sold EXA-AIR SAS to a French logistics company, THE MENLO GROUP (CEO:Jean-Francois DAVIET). It is EIS’s first startup business that successfully executed its exit strategy.

Global e-commerce and international shipping are expanding. The world needs an innovative solution that can reduce high shipping and distribution costs of existing materials like styrofoam. EXA-AIR offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly products by using recycled materials. Many e-commerce, retail, and supply chain companies have been using our products, and our business has been growing.

EXA-AIR’s factory is located in Montataire, 30 miles north of Paris, France. Through designing, manufacturing, and distributing our products, EXA-AIR meets our clients’ customized needs in agile and flexible manners. As a part of THE MENLO GROUP, EXA-AIR will continue to expand our business.

EIS monitors innovations in real-time in the global market. We forecast where the market is going and find the seeds of future market spaces. We will continue to launch more startups of our own.

Launch members of the EXA-AIR factory


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